American Family Home Care

Home Care Providers In Minnesota

What We Do

American Family Home Care provides an absolute high standard of care services. Whether it is respite care service, 24/7 assisted living service or supported living service; we provide best quality care for both adults and children according to their specific needs.

We also provide a free detailed assessment to determine the needs of you or your family members. This assessment can help provide you with the best or most appropriate service package to meet your needs.

Our staff is highly experienced. They can provide you with the utmost care through tracheotomy tubes, vent care, G-tubes, N.G tubes, Bi-Pap therapy, C-Pap therapy, suctioning BD by hand or machine, foley catheters, nebulizers and oxygen use. Our staff is also trained in the use of equipment and supports such as wheelchairs, walkers, canes, splints, braces and AFO’s. In addition, we are also skilled at offering assistance regarding transferring and completion of personal care including toileting, bathing as well as range of motion, exercise and strength building as required.

Reasons for Home Care

Everybody has reasons of their own for everything. Here are our reasons for providing excellent quality home care:

  • To help clients with their day-to-day activities, who can’t do some things by themselves anymore due to some form of disability
  • To ensure our clients get the utmost care when diagnosed with diseases such as cancer, neurological conditions, heart diseases, stroke, orthopedic conditions, dementia, pneumonia, etc., which could otherwise make their lives unbearable. We strive to make life more normal for them through some form of rehabilitation or by helping restore some form of functional abilities and normalcy.
  • To help families with instructions and support in caring for their loved ones, providing post-operative care and also helping them administer medication
  • To help our clients overall with their personal care/hygiene needs